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China High Precision CNC Turning Parts Titanium GR5

  • Live tooling
  • All metals/alloys
  • Multiple spindle
  • +/- 0.0003" tolerance
  • Y-axis milling operations

When you need CNC turning with high precision, please ask us for help. Essai offers you high quality CNC turnings in a variety of industries.

CNC Turning Parts are an intricate and detailed method of creating custom parts and components using a lathe. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning is a highly-skilled, Precision Engineering process. Based on one of the oldest machine tools in the world – the lathe – turning in its traditional form can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

Through modern computer technology and skilled operators, a component can now be created to the minutest detail and to the most rigid of designs using a Turning Lathe, with precise tolerances and a vast array of shapes. The turning lathe secures and rotates the stock, or raw material, being machined along a dual-axis of movement at high speeds, while a single-point cutting or boring tool shapes the material, resulting in the desired component being created. The lathe is controlled by computer programs; ensuring meticulously exact components are produced, and can also be reproduced. At Essai, we pride ourselves on being experts in the latest CNC Turning Technology and Processes, and on our ability to create the components our customers demand swiftly, efficiently and precisely.


CNC Machining

Often turning and milling are generically referred to as “CNC machining” – our customers often ask for CNC machining rather than for turning or milling by name. Of course, it’s our job to make sure that the most appropriate process is used each time.

Put simply, the difference between the two processes comes down to which part moves – in general terms, the metal or the machine.

  • With CNC turning a metal bar is fed into the lathe and rotates at speed while a single-point cutting tool removes portions of the metal to create the desired shape.
  • With milling, the metal usually remains still while multi-point cutting tools rotate around it.


Applications of CNC Turning Parts

It is widely used in cutting; complex machining; deburring; drilling; vertical machining centers for drilling, boring, tapping and grinding; electrical injection molding; grinding; laser cutting; milling with vertical machining centers; milling; motion control; turning; wire EDM, etc.


CNC Machining or Not CNC Machining
Material Titanium
Process Turning parts
Tolerance 0.01mm
Size Customer's Drawings
Equipment CNC Lathe Machines
Surface Treatment Powder Coating
Surface Finished Anodizing, Polishing, Powder coating, Passivation, Sandblasting, Nickal plating, Zinc plating, Chrome plating, Heat treatment, Oxidation, laser engraved logo.
Machinable Material Plastic, ABS, PVC, POM, PC, HDPE, Acetal, Nylon, Acrylic, Metal, etc
Certificate ISO9001
Package Plastic bags & carton; Customer's requirement


Advantages of depending on Essai

1. Die casting of aluminium products is offered at competitive prices.
2. We specialize in small metal alloy components for more than 14 decades now.
3. We employ the best professionals and modern techniques for making aluminium casting alloys and other products.
4. We offer services in diverse industries like hardware, computing, healthcare and automotive.
5. Our products are guaranteed to give you a good reputation and we stick to high standards of quality.
6. We do extensive testing of the products.
7. More than one solution is possible in our organization.
8. Your ideas and design will be given a new definition by our experts.

  • +/- 0.0003" tolerance: Typical tolerance, but can vary due to size & type of material.
  • Live tooling: Performs up to 12 different CNC milling operations while in the lathe.
  • 25" dia x 80" work envelope: Suitable for long or large CNC turning parts and projects.
  • Y-axis milling operations: Expands the range of secondary operations, including simultaneous 5-axis milling/turning.
  • All metals/alloys: Turn or machine all metals and certain types of plastics.
  • Multiple spindle: Turn/mill a complete part in one setup, while maintaining feature relationships.

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