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Dewaxing Casting

Dewaxing casting, a precision casting method.

Suitable for carbon steel, chromium-molybdenum steel, tool steel, wear-resistant heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, super alloy Monel, Hastelloy, nickel-cobalt alloy steel, high chromium cast iron, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, etc.

Dewaxing Casting

Dewaxing casting products have the following characteristics:

1. Complex shape
2. Fine and beautiful surface
3. Single-mode, one-piece
4. Minimal processing program
5. Precision Dimension Casting
6. Reduce production costs
7. Precision and high strength

Used in industrial valves, flow meters, pumps, disks, pipe fittings; various machines, internal combustion engines, engines, heat exchangers, impellers; construction, sanitary, door locks, marine hardware parts; pneumatic, electric, hydraulic tools, hand tools, stamping tool parts; auto, motorcycle, vehicle, bicycle, aerospace, needle car, textile machinery parts; medical, sports equipment, computer business machine parts and other industries.

The dewaxing process requires an aluminum mold. The wax is pressurized into an aluminum mold to make a wax embryo, which is a replica of the true shape of the product produced. For each casting process, this wax embryo must be manufactured first. Several wax embryos are composed into three strings, which are repeatedly immersed in mud (or stone mortar) repeatedly, embedded in the outer layer and dehumidified and dried, and the ceramic shell is made into 9mm. (5-7 layers) thick, then put this tree string into a high-temperature 140-160 ° C oven or high-pressure steam pot to dissolve wax embryos until it becomes a hollow pottery shell.


Diese hohle Keramikschale wird bei 1000 11 -1150 ℃ nach verschiedenen Legierungsmaterialien gesintert. Die Metallschmelze wird sofort in die Keramikschale gegossen. Nach dem Abkühlen wird die äußere Keramikschale gebrochen, sandgestrahlt und gereinigt und geschnitten. Mahlen und Wärmebehandlung. Nachbearbeiten, Bearbeiten, Polieren usw.

Essai kann Präzisionsgussteile und Fertigteile aus verschiedenen Metallmaterialien wie kleinem Edelstahl, Kohlenstoffstahl, legiertem Stahl usw. mit Abmessungen von weniger als 200 × 200 × 300 mm und einem Gewicht von weniger als 10 kg gemäß den weltweit wichtigsten Standards herstellen.

1. Wir empfehlen, zu Beginn des Produktdesigns teilzunehmen, die Machbarkeit auf der Fertigungsseite zu bewerten, die Herstellbarkeit der Produkte für die Kunden zu verbessern, Herstellungskosten zu sparen und optimale Fertigungslösungen bereitzustellen.

2. Provide customers with comprehensive solutions covering a variety of metal forming processes to achieve a "custodial" one-stop service.

Essai has very perfect investment casting production equipment, machining equipment, and advanced physical and chemical analysis and testing equipment, which can meet the customer's product requirements at different levels and the comprehensive requirements of physical and chemical properties and non-destructive testing. Existing spectrum analyzers, tensile testing machines, X-ray flaw detectors, magnetic particle flaw detectors, portable magnetic particle flaw detectors, metallurgical microscopes, and other testing equipment, at the same time, companies are constantly introducing world-leading technology and professional technical personnel To expand advanced production and testing equipment, the company's technical strength is becoming stronger and stronger, and its economic strength is constantly developing and growing.

The materials for dewaxing precision casting are hardly restricted by materials, such as cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, superalloy, nickel-based heat resistant alloy, etc. They can be manufactured by dewaxing precision casting, high precision, high efficiency, etc.

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