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Rapid Prototyping


Rapid-Prototyping technology, also known as a rapid prototyping technology, (RP technology for short).

RP technology is integrated and developed on the basis of modern CAD / CAM technology, laser technology, computer numerical control technology, precision servo drive technology, and new material technology. Different types of rapid prototyping systems have different forming materials and different forming principles and system characteristics.

RPM technology is a general term for the rapid manufacture of 3D solids and technologies of arbitrarily complex shapes driven directly by CAD models.

It can quickly and directly realize the single-piece production of parts without any tools, molds and tooling fixtures. RP technology is based on modern CAD / CAM technology, laser technology, computer numerical control technology, precision servo drive technology, and new materials. Integrated and developed on the basis of technology, RP technology is a technology for manufacturing single parts quickly and directly.

So far, there have been more than a dozen different forming systems, among which the more mature methods include SLA, SLS, LOM, and FDM. The forming principles are introduced as follows:

1. Bildung eines SLA-Rapid-Prototyping-Systems:
Formmaterial: flüssiges lichtempfindliches Harz.
Werkstückleistung: Entspricht der technischen Kunststoff- oder Wachsform.
Hauptanwendung: hochpräzise Kunststoffteile, Gusswachsmodelle, Muster oder Modelle.

2. Das Formen des SLS-Rapid-Prototyping-Systems:
Formmaterial: technisches Kunststoffpulver.
Teileleistung: Entspricht technischen Kunststoffen, Wachsformen, Sandformen.
Hauptanwendung: Kunststoffteile, Wachsformen zum Gießen, Muster oder Modelle.

3. Forming of the LOM rapid prototyping system:
Forming material: fiber paper coated with heat-sensitive adhesive; performance of parts: equivalent to high-grade wood.
Main application: rapid manufacture of new product samples, models or wooden molds for casting.

4. Forming of FDM rapid prototyping system:
Forming material: solid filament engineering plastics;
Workpiece performance: equivalent to engineering plastic or wax mold;
Hauptanwendung: Kunststoffteile, Wachsformen zum Gießen, Muster oder Modelle.

Professional manufacturing and designing of large plastic mold manufacturing and injection processing for household appliances, auto parts, industrial equipment, etc., manufacturing of various precision molds such as digital electronics and medical equipment, and injection molding processing of high-temperature materials, professional manufacturing of projector lamp heads, furniture accessories, automobile and motorcycle accessories, LCP, PPSU, and other aluminum-zinc alloy die-casting molds and surface treatment of die-casting processing, etc.

Essai can provide specialized in a wide range of rapid prototype samples, such as CNC machining, rapid mold making, metal sheet parts production, small batch production and complex mold, over-mold services.

  • Strong production capacity, equipped with high-tech team.
  • Accuracy can reach 0.01mm, the fastest sample can be delivered in 12 hours.
  • The detection accuracy can reach 0.005MM, reducing the defective rate of parts,the pass rate of spare parts inspection is 99%, provide test report & material certification.
  • 7/24 hours online customer service for you.

PET (transparent); POM; PC (transparent, opaque, medical, fireproof); PC+GF; PBT, PBT+GF; PA6, PA6+GF; PA66, PA66+GF; PPA, PPA+GF; PPS; PMMA; PPSU; SAN ABS (transparent, frieproof), ABS+UV resistance, ABS+GF; PC+ABS (ordinary, medical, fireprrof, high light level); PP (transparent, opaque), PP+GF; PE (transparent, opaque); GPPS (transparent); HIPS (natural); ABA (transparent); TPU (transparent, opaque, various hardness); TPE (transparent, opaque, various hardness)

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