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Designing plastic molds involves three steps


Designing plastic molds involves three steps

The design of plastic molding dies requires a preliminary analysis of requirements and multiple content discussions. If the demand analysis is not accurate in the early stage, it will directly affect the quality of mold design. Therefore, the design process of plastic molding dies must be standardized and improved. The design is summarized in the following three stages.

Designing plastic molds

First, the exploration stage

This stage is mainly the preparation stage of the design work, comprehensively grasp the plastic parts drawings and technical requirements provided, collect relevant technical data, and explore technical measures to meet the requirements. If necessary, make necessary modifications to plastic parts or technical requirements.

Second, the idea phase

This stage is to propose design concepts for the main parts of the mold according to the requirements grasped in the previous stage and related technical data collected and specialized technical measures, and to study how the design of the main parts of the mold is suitable for the existing processing equipment And technology, and how to ensure the quality of mold processing, speed up the molding speed and improve economic efficiency.

Third, the design phase

This stage is mainly the implementation of the completed idea. The general assembly drawing and parts drawings of the plastic molding mold are given, and the standard parts, remodeling standard parts and mold material plans to be used are proposed.

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