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What are the reasons for errors in CNC machining parts


What are the reasons for errors in CNC machining parts

During the operation of the CNC machining parts center, there is a certain gap between the screw and the nut. As the operating time of the equipment increases, the gap gradually increases due to wear. Therefore, the corresponding gap compensation of the reverse movement is the main factor to overcome the shoulders generated on the machining surface. The gap measurement usually uses the dial gauge measurement method, which requires error control. However, it should be noted that the gauge base and the gauge rod should not extend too high or too long, because during the measurement process, due to the long cantilever, the gauge base will be moved by force, resulting in inaccurate counting and compensation values. error.


Improper tool selection in CNC machining can also cause dimensional errors. During the cutting process, the tool removes material through the main cutting edge. However, after the arc passes through the quadrant and the arc is tangent to the second cutting edge of the tool, the second cutting edge may participate in cutting. Therefore, when selecting or grinding a tool, the wedge angle of the tool must be carefully considered.

During CNC machining, if the machining allowance is not uniform, an error may occur. In the process of achieving part design performance, whether the machining allowance of the CNC machining surface is even or not is also an important reason for whether the molding surface can meet the design requirements. Because the machining allowance is not uniform, it is easy to cause "remapping" errors. Therefore, for parts with high surface shape requirements, the manufacturing allowance should be as uniform as possible before forming, or multiple contours should be processed to meet the design requirements.

CNC machining has clear regulations on the workshop environment, and the heat source needs to be reduced: the focus is on the spindle bearing speed, clearance adjustment and reasonable preload. For thrust bearings and tapered roller bearings, due to their poor working conditions and high heat generation, thrust angular contact ball bearings can be used when necessary to minimize friction and heat generation of certain parts. CNC machining also requires heat insulation: keep the heat source away from the spindle, such as isolating the motor and transmission, using separate transmission, etc. CNC machining also needs heat dissipation: strengthen lubrication and cooling, and use oil cooling, air cooling and other methods to speed up heat dissipation. Reducing the influence of thermal deformation: No matter which method is adopted, it can only reduce thermal deformation, and it is difficult to completely eliminate thermal deformation. Therefore, measures should also be taken to reduce the effects of thermal deformation.

The above explanation is the reason for the error of CNC machining parts. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you want to learn more about CNC machining parts, please contact customer service online or call our service hotline (Upper right corner of the website) For consultation, we will provide you with quality service wholeheartedly!

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