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The company is equipped with 45-300 tons of sophisticated pneumatic punching machines, with continuous stamping, high-speed metal stamping, engineering dies stamping, hydraulic press forging, and other types of stamping capabilities to achieve fast delivery. Hardware mold manufacturing equipment is readily available. It has three-dimensional, two-dimensional, salt spray testing machines, film thickness testers, hardness testers, high and low-temperature laboratories, torque/elasticity testing machines and other testing and inspection equipment. And various post-processing upgrades automation equipment.

The company has passed IATF16949: 2016 system certification and ISO9001: 2008 system certification, has a strong metal mold design, development, manufacturing team in the industry, strong production and quality management personnel. The products cover household appliances, auto parts, automotive movements, electronics, communications, home furnishings, and many other fields. The stamping materials include SPCC, SGCC, SECC, Stainless steel, DX51D, DC03, etc. The company adheres to the "customer first, forge ahead ”Business philosophy, its main products Sanyo series CD / DVD / CP2 / C250 and other models of the movement hardware accessories, telecommunications terminal equipment accessories, 3G / 4G network equipment accessories, automotive parts and so on.

Metal stamping

Regarding the maintenance of metal stamping dies:

1. Keep the surface of the convex and concave die clean. The blank of the precision stamping part needs to be wiped clean before deep drawing to avoid that the work surface of the die or the surface of the material is not clean and mixed with debris, which damages the surface of the precision stamping part and affects the quality.

2. Adjust the appropriate clearance of the convex and concave dies to avoid the surface of the workpiece being scratched when the drawing is too small or uneven.

3. Grind the corner radius of the die to avoid rough round corner surface of the die. The surface is scratched.

4. Appropriately increase the hardness of the surface of the male and female molds and check the surface of the male and female molds regularly when drawing. Even if the metal scraps are left behind, when the metal and metal wastes are attached to the surface, the drawing will be deepened Pull marks on precision stampings.

5. Use lubricants suitable for the deep-drawing process. If necessary, filter the lubricant before use to avoid impurities from entering. If the quality of the lubricant is poor, the surface roughness of the drawn precision stamping parts will increase, reducing the precision and quality of the stamping.

Common bad phenomena in stamping:

1. Jumping waste: refers to jumping out of the cavity of the concave mold during the stamping process, causing defects such as embossing.


  • Add ejector in the punch
  • Add secondary air hole in the punch
  • Taper the end face of the punch
  • Use a die insert as an air blowing device

2. Burr: sharp ridges on the cross-section of the product after stamping, generally improve the production process, and improve the stamping conditions can reduce the burr.


  • Grind the knife-edge
  • Control the machining accuracy and change the design clearance
  • The new punch and concave insert

3. Wrinkling and cracking: It is common in sharp corners of stretched parts and molded parts.



  • Polishing
  • Increasing R angle
  • Increasing ribs


Essai has various stamping capabilities such as progressive stamping, high-speed stamping, manual stamping, hydraulic press forging, etc. The accuracy of the positive and negative tolerances can be controlled at 0.001 mm, and the work quality is guaranteed to be 1 million times without deformation.

Ons het geslaag ISO, IATF16949 gehalte bestuurstelsel sertifisering, het die industrie se bekende hardeware vorm ontwerp, ontwikkeling, vervaardiging span, sterk produksie, kwaliteit bestuur talent.

Precision hardeware ontwikkeling ervaring, met professionele vorm ontwerp en ontwikkeling span en gevorderde toerusting tegnologie, bied kliënte verskillende soorte gestempel vorm ontwerp en ontwikkeling en vervaardiging OEM dienste.

Essai is toegerus met 30-300 ton gesofistikeerde pneumatiese ponsmasjiene, en toerusting vir vervaardiging van hardeware en matrasse. Dit het akkurate toets- en inspeksietoerusting vir gehalteversekering, soos tweedimensionele, soutspuittoetsmasjien, filmdiktoetser, hardheidstoetser, laboratorium vir hoë en lae temperatuur.

Ook goed in diep teken tegnologie van aluminium, yster, koper, vlekvrye staal en ander hardeware produkte, professionele teken sterf, professionele teken toerusting, professionele teken talente.

Die selfvoorsieningsyfer van onderdelevervaardiging bereik meer as 90%, wat onderdele se koste verlaag.

The stamping materials include SPCC, SGCC, SECC, Stainless steel304 / 316, DX51D, DC03, etc.

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