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What is Devaxing Casting? Dewaxing Casting manufacturers Best Guide


An introduction of Dewaxing Casting

When we look at the history, we got that, the dewaxing casting procedure has a very old history behind it. Basically, dewaxing casting also famous with some other names like,

Moreover, it was world famous metal casting procedure for a really long time ago. But Dewaxing Casting manufacturers clarifies that, this technique is still using by almost all countries in all over the world.

But today this ancient process has also added several new terminologies according to the latest requirements. In fact, this process is greatly popular for many reasons such as,

  • high accuracy
  • integrity and repeatability
  • capability to replicate details.

It is a process of diecasting which allows manufacturers and artists to cast their models or sculptures into several metals. They can easily use dewaxing casting process to cast their models into following metals. such as,

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • bronze, etc.Dewaxing Casting manufacturers

Brief history of dewaxing casting

According to Dewaxing Casting manufacturers, history of dewaxing casting technique is thousands of years old. We have found its history when we go back to 3700 BC. In southern Israel, we can find its history in the cave of the Treasure hoard.

More early examples of this process have existence for many years ago in several different areas, regions and countries, etc. The technique of lost wax casting had greatly used for small as well as large scales historically. This old amulet actually had crafted by using the technique of Dewaxing Casting. Additionally, archeologists have also discovered very old objects cast by this process in,

  • Greece East Asia
  • Egypt
  • Europe
  • Africa and many more.

What is Dewaxing Casting?

In fact, its history starts from 3rd century BC but is still an ideal process for casting all metal alloys. This technique is an ideal choice of Dewaxing Casting manufacturers because dewaxing provides extra,

  • detail
  • highly precision
  • complicated

metal components.

Later these metal components can be used in a vast variety of sectors, industries and several manufacturing circumstances, etc. Although the technique has very old history but still playing an essential and basic role in the field of casting.

In this process of casting, manufacturers make designs of metal alloys with the help of a wax mold. Although jewelers had first used this process for making jewelry. But later manufacturers had also used it for making ornaments, sculptures and several metal parts for different industries.

Basically, one of the best benefits is, you can get similar models according to your desires in endless numbers. Every time you will get the same model and same designs with extreme quality.

Dewaxing Casting manufacturers usually use metals like,

  • gold
  • silver
  • brass
  • copper, etc.

Hence, you can get countless opportunities for making unique jewelry projects as well as for industrial components. Dewaxing casting is actually an ideal standardized procedure. Although each factory or workshop have its own specific technique in order to casting metals. But Dewaxing casting method is always the same for every metal or industry.

Furthermore, this process has many different stages. These stages actually start from creating of a wax model and end at the final metal piece.

Which stages do Dewaxing casting manufacturers use for Dewaxing casting?

This standardized technological process generally consist of the following stages:

Stage #1:

First of all, Dewaxing casting manufacturers cut an Aluminum tool or utensil with the help of 3D CAD information


Stage #2:

After it, they create an initial perfect model of wax from different tooling processes

Stage #3:

after it, manufacturers assemble the wax on a runner system

Stage #4:

Then they build a ceramic shell on all sides of the assembly through a drying and dipping method. Manufacturers generally calls it investment

Stage #5:

Casting manufacturers dewax the shell with high-pressure steam and fire into an oven in order to give mechanical power

Stage #6:

Moreover, they pour the melted metal inside the pre-heated shell

Stage #7:

When the metal cools the ceramic has broken off

Stage #8:

Then Dewaxing Casting manufacturers cut the parts or pieces from the runner system. Metal casting manufacturers usually call this runner system a ''tree"

Stage #9:

Feeding positions have ground off

Stage #10:

If there is any need of further setting, machining and finishing, then it has to be performed

Stage #11:

After all the above stages casting manufacturers apply specified and Inspection NDT needs.

What are the applications of Dewaxing Casting?

There are several different industries in which manufacturers has used Dewaxing Casting for various different applications. In fact, in the past, jewelers had used this technique for different jewelry projects.

Furthermore, now casting manufacturers has also used this technique for making small parts, sculptures and complicated designs for several industries. But this investment casting has now become essential part of almost all industries.

Additionally, this Dewaxing Casting process has included all the famous industries as well as medical industry. Other famous industries in which Dewaxing Casting manufacturers are using this technique are,

  • automotive industry
  • the aerospace industry
  • jewelry objects
  • mining and rail industries.

Moreover, it includes all the other industries in which you need precise metal components.

Dewaxing Casting manufacturers and Suppliers

Which metals Dewaxing Casting manufacturers use in investment casting?

Basically, this Dewaxing Casting process has vast versatility. Moreover, manufacturers have choices to use several different materials.

So, they can use endless metals in order to produce superior quality parts. These parts or components can be,

  • Strong
  • Light
  • Rare
  • Or common.

Some of the famous materials are,

  • Aluminum alloys
  • Carbon steels
  • Heat resistant metals
  • Cobalt and nickel metals
  • Stainless steels alloys
  • Copper-based alloys
  • Gold and silver, etc.

Advantages of Dewaxing Casting process

Basically, this casting process is an ideal choice for complex and small parts. Because this process provides high design flexibility and perfect precision. Moreover, Dewaxing Casting manufacturers can also add,

  • ID of the products
  • Numbers
  • logos
  • And many more directions in order to cast excellent parts using this process.

In fact, this casting process needs no more processing like other typical methods. For example, when casting manufacturers produce parts by using this technique, they get surface finished products. There is no more need to polishing or any other secondary processing.

So, you can easily decrease the extra costs by using this investment casting process.

Furthermore, many other benefits are:

  1. You can use this process on materials which has ability to melt, evaporate and burn for leaving a mold cavity.
  2. The duplicate model has capability to reproduce all basic details of the original sculpture or shape.
  3. This process actually allows Dewaxing Casting manufacturers to get unique designs which other typical processes cannot provide.
  4. This method is highly productive and cost-efficient.


Basically, Dewaxing Casting process is an ideal and unique technique which allows the manufacturers to produce,

  • highly accurate
  • detailed
  • extremely complicated components.

However, it has based on a very old and ancient lost wax process. Nowadays this procedure has become crucial by adding some beneficial terms according to the latest requirements.

Furthermore, it has become a basic and essential casting process of the modern world.

This process is playing a vital role for the Dewaxing Casting manufacturers to make casting procedures efficient and effective.

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