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What is metal stamping? 2 Best types for Beginners

Che cos'è lo stampaggio dei metalli? 2 migliori tipi per principianti

10 gennaio 2022

Types and methods of modern metal stamping Metal stamping: technology features. It is an alternative method of plastic deformation of metal: cold and hot sheet and die forging. Moreover, this includes cold stamping technological operations. Used Press Equipment and Automatic Lines. Stamping is a technological operation that controls process of changing the shape and size of a work […]

7 Steps for Perfect High-Precision Stamping Part Manufacturing

7 passaggi per una perfetta produzione di parti di stampaggio ad alta precisione

10 gennaio 2022

High-precision stamping part is the shaping of a material under the action of an external force in order to obtain the desired part. It takes a lot of effort to machine the work piece in this way. Moreover, for this, there is equipment that comes with an effort of 16 to 500 tons. The tooling installed in the […]

Metal stamping supplier: 4 Types of Punching Metals

Fornitore di stampaggio metalli: 4 tipi di metalli da punzonatura

09 dic 2021

What is metal stamping processing? Metal stamping supplier provides the process of forming metal sheets in a desired shape using different manufacturing methods. The completion of a product usually involves many steps, from cutting and bending to surface treatment and assembly. Often, fabrication techniques are easy to use to achieve similar end results, but the right choice […]

5 Most Common Metal forming Tools we Use in laser Cutting

5 Strumenti per la formatura dei metalli più comuni che utilizziamo nel taglio laser

09 dic 2021

Along with nonmetals and nonmetals, metal forming tools are also distinguished by their degree of ionization. In the periodic table of chemical elements, metals make up about 80% and nonmetals and nonmetals make up about 20%. Classify Physical and chemical properties of metals Physical properties Chemical properties Applications of metals in today's life What is metal? Metal properties […]

For what purpose is metal stamping kit we use?

Per quale scopo utilizziamo il kit per lo stampaggio di metalli?

18 novembre 2021

Turning a part: using metal stamping kit and solving the problem I am often asked about the secrets of making metal stamping kit. Turning process of a part despite having many years of experience as a turner, this question baffles me. You cannot answer with one sentence, and I don’t want to turn the dialogue […]

7 Advantages of Bending Die in Practical Field

7 vantaggi della piegatura degli stampi in campo pratico

18 novembre 2021

Bending die processing: principle of operation, advantages, application Bending die of metal is carried out with a laser beam. Compared to conventional light, the laser is directional, monochromatic and coherent. Moreover, these properties provide the most accurate focus on a small metal surface. Generally, the concentration of energy allows the material to get heat. Furthermore,  gas and solid-state lasers […]

What is progressive stamping tool? Step by Step Guide

Che cos'è lo strumento di stampaggio progressivo? Guida passo passo

18 novembre 2021

Progressive stamping tool is the finishing of a work piece. It is necessary to obtain a smooth surface of the part. With the help of grinding, minor defects of previous operations are eliminated. This process is subdivided into several types: Rough Flat Round grinding Sharpening Polishing I must say that this process is quite laborious. This requires special tools […]

What aluminum bending die? Step by Step Guide

Quale stampo per piegare l'alluminio? Guida passo passo

12 set 2021

Casting bending die aluminum alloy is widely common for the manufacture of shaped castings. For this, pure aluminum or a product obtained as a result of secondary processing of raw materials can be common. The first option is common in the food and chemical industries, suitable for the production of electrical equipment. In general, aluminum accounts for about […]

Application of Proactive Stamp Tool in Die Casting

Applicazione dello strumento per timbri proattivi nella pressofusione

12 set 2021

Rules for the operation and maintenance of stamp tools Correct use and customer service of the stamp tool is very important to keep the tool in good working order for a long time, while reducing your tool costs. The increase in tool life depends on the following factors: Applying the correct die gap in accordance with […]

Die Casting vs Forming Tools Process: Pros & Cons

Processo di pressofusione e strumenti di formatura: pro e contro

12 set 2021

Injection molding and vacuum forming tools are two very popular processes for making plastic parts. This article explains the capabilities of both processes and provides general guidance on the types of products for which a particular process is most appropriate. First, a quick overview of how the processes work: What is injection molding? Injection molding is a method of […]

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