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Aluminum Extrusion

The first process of aluminum extrusion is melting and casting. After batching, smelting, and casting, it is finally made into a "round casting rod", which is a common raw material for aluminum profiles. Then, according to the product cross-section of the aluminum profile, the mold is designed and manufactured. The extruder is used to extrude the heated round casting rod from the mold. There is an air-cooled quenching process and subsequent artificial aging process during extrusion To complete heat treatment strengthening.

The aluminum rod is blank in the extrusion process. The aluminum rod for extrusion can be solid or hollow, usually a cylinder, and the length is determined by the extrusion ingot.

Aluminum rods are usually formed by casting, and some are forged or powder forged. It is usually cut by adjusting the alloy composition of the aluminum alloy bar. The aluminum rod is generally heated to 450 degrees by a heating furnace and then sent to the molding. Finally, about 10% of the aluminum rod is left in the ingot cylinder.
Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum Extrusion Advantages:

1. Improve the deformability of metal
The extrusion ratio of pure aluminum can reach 500, the extrusion ratio of pure copper can reach 400, and the extrusion ratio of steel can reach 40-50. For some low-plasticity and difficult-to-deform metals and alloys that are difficult to process or even cannot be processed by other methods such as rolling and forging, even brittle materials such as cast iron can be processed by extrusion.

2. High comprehensive product quality
Extrusion deformation can improve the structure and mechanical properties of metal materials, especially for some aluminum alloys with extrusion effects. After quenching and aging, the longitudinal (extrusion direction) mechanical properties of the extruded products are much higher than other processing methods. Production of similar products

3. Wide range of products
Extrusion processing can not only produce tubes, rods, and wires with simple cross-section shapes, but also can produce solid and hollow profiles with very complex cross-section shapes, and the cross-section profiles of products that change in stages and gradually change along the length. The range of sizes is also very wide, from ultra-large pipes and profiles with a diameter of 500-1000mm outside the cross-section to ultra-small precision profiles with a cross-section-like size.

aluminum extrusion

Essai can provide complete manufacturing solutions for aluminum extrusion products, including surface finishing, machining, cutting, and assembly. The alloys used include AA6060, AA6063, AA6061, AA6005 and AA6082.

We extrude various aluminum alloy series in the finishing process from 6 'to 25', we provide a wide range of custom molds to suit various shapes and sizes (Grooved, hollow or solid), so we encourage you to send us your design for a quote.


We have 10 domestic advanced entire automated productions running water production lines, more than 40 domestic advanced production equipment, mature technology, and work team.

1. According to your design ideas or drawings.

2. We can provide your with the best raw material, excellent price, cost-effective.

3. In strict accordance with ISO quality control Richard, we will strict material control, will purchase of high purity aluminum of raw material of aluminum alloy.

4. Vom formula un plan de producție rezonabil și vom stabili unificarea corespunzătoare a sistemului de urmărire, responsabilitatea față de persoană; Data de livrare este garantată în funcție de cerințele clientului. Aranjați producția, comanda urgentă, procesarea rapidă a comenzii rapide, pentru a satisface producția de sprijin urgentă a clientului de comenzi unice / mici.

5. primiți design-design-instrument-face-produce-post proces-finisaj de suprafață.

6. Produsele pot face tot felul de culori sau procesele depind de cererea dvs., cum ar fi sablarea și anodizarea etc.

Seria 1: seria 1000 din aliaj de aluminiu ---- 1050, 1060, 1100 etc. Puritatea poate atinge mai mult de 99,00%, 1050 și 1060 sunt de obicei utilizate.

Series 2: series 2000 of alloy aluminium----2024, 2A16, 2A02, etc. Usually used for aviation.

Series 3: series 3000 of alloy aluminium----3003, 3A21, etc. It is a good rust-proof function.

Series 4: series 4000 of alloy aluminium----4A01, 4000, etc. Belongs to building materials, suit for mechanical and welding.

Series 5: series 5000 of alloy aluminium----5052(Almg3), 5005, 5083, 5A05, etc. It can also be called an aluminum-magnesium alloy. The main characteristics are low density, high tensile strength, high elongation, good fatigue strength.

Series 6: series 6000 of alloy aluminium----6061, etc. It contains mainly magnesium and silicon, it is a more common use for extrusion.

Series 7: series 7000 of alloy aluminium----7075, etc. It mainly contains zinc. Also belongs to the aviation series, is aluminum-magnesium zinc copper alloy, is a heat treatable alloy, belongs to the superhard aluminum alloy, has the good wear resistance, also has the good weldability, but the corrosion resistance is less.

Series 8: series 8000 of alloy aluminium----8011, Most of the applications are aluminum foil, the production of the aluminum rod is not very common.

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