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Aluminium Die Casting

1. Aluminium die casting mold case introduction

  • Aluminum die-casting is the use of mechanical equipment to quickly inject liquid aluminum alloy into permanent steel molds, and after cooling and forming, it is produced repeatedly and efficiently.
  • The characteristics of die casting are high efficiency, high precision, good surface quality, and easy subsequent processing.

2. Basic requirements of die-casting mold:

  • The cracking and aging phenomenon should not occur prematurely in the alternating production of cold and heat.
  • Do not be eroded by aluminum water to erode the mold, causing poor accuracy and appearance.
  • Easy to mold, continuous mass production, and subsequent processing is convenient.
  • No shrinkage dents, pinholes, patterns, etc. on the surface of the product, dry burning at 400 ° C, no bubble swelling for 10 minutes.

3. Design and manufacture of die-casting molds:

Because the mold needs to work at a mold temperature of about 200 ℃ and high pressure, it is affected by thermal expansion and so on. Avoid designing a "sloping top" structure. If the product structure needs to be designed by core drawing, you can consider designing a neutron (cylinder action) ) Core or slider (angle tip action) core to complete.

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